About Our Company

We are a full service employee benefit advisory firm with a special focus on employers with fewer than 100 employees. This segment of the business community is impacted greatly by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) but has fewer choices when it comes to highly qualified employee benefit guidance. Many times these businesses have been left to go it alone when it comes to very complicated decisions by their current brokers. Our role is to simplify the employee benefit buying and management experience for our clients. This is accomplished by taking a high touch and engaged consultative approach with extremely knowledgeable staff.


Our focus is to deliver employee benefit advice to the small and middle market employer. Unlike many of our peers we are happy to work with these clients. Also, we only advise on employee benefit matters — it is what we do. We do not attempt to deliver other services such as 401(k) and property and casualty insurance. You can rest assured that we will deliver the best possible solutions based upon your needs and are uniquely qualified to serve our clients.


The staff of Employee Benefits of Virginia has extensive experience in advising all size clients on their employee benefits. From the development of overall benefit strategy to the implementation and subsequent service of employee benefit plans our team is very experienced in employee benefits design, management and service.


Our clients look for real world solutions delivered in the most efficient manner possible. We work to uncover employee benefit solutions which best meet our client's needs. In addition, we aggressively work to deliver the highest value option possible which meets your strategy. We work for you, not the insurance carriers. We will proactively market and evaluate your plans with a dedication to value.


Our approach to employee benefit service is hands on. You and your staff will not be directed to a website or out of area call center. We understand the need to actively help our clients and their employees navigate employee benefits. Our job is to enhance the value of your employee benefit programs, for your employees, by adding to their understanding of their benefits and quickly addressing issues when they arise. Our high touch approach leads to better outcomes and higher satisfaction for our clients and their employees.